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    a one-man show

    Hidekichi Shigemoto

    Ink brush painter/black ink illustrator, Hidekichi Shigemoto, was born in 1957 in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, in Japan.
    He studied design in Osaka Art University and after working in design firms became freelance as an illustrator.
    Hidekichi has developed his unique drawing style that is brimming with speed and dynamics, using the Japanese traditional
    painting material of charcoal ink on his unconventional contemporary portraits such as African-American musicians or athletes.
    Today his “kakejiku” scroll paintings have drawn both domestic and international attention.
    He has exhibited his work in Japan and in New York, and in his exhibitions he does “live painting” performance
    on the spot where he paints a few drawings simultaneously.
    His interest in this “live painting” is now leading to collaborations with other performers or live musicians on a higher level.
    Also he has been commissioned to leave his dynamic “Sumie” charcoal paintings on temple screen doors and shop walls in many cities over the country.
    In 2007, he published his first collection of his work, “Neo Black” (Hayakawa Publishers).

    In Japan, Hidekichi Shigemoto has contributed:
    Artwork and drawings/illustrations for a number of CDs, magazines, and books
    Artwork and drawings for posters for concerts, films, and corporate advertisements
    Design of a visual image for the Olympics
    Guest appearances as a “live painter” on TV programs and documentaries

    Outside of Japan, He has:
    Participated in a collaborative art collection book “Male Nude Now” (Universe)
    Contributed a design for Nike America’s seasonal basket ball T-shirt series
    Had his first exhibition in SOHO, New York sponsored by SOHO Gallery TV
    Participated in one of the Beijing Olympics’ countdown events in Beijing